BBH Holmes Heated Gloves - Feature Friday 5

Welcome back to Feature Friday, MacMor's deep dive into the various products we carry (or those you request to hear about). This week we're looking at BBH's Holmes Heated Gloves.

In the Box

  • (2) BBH Holmes Goatskin Heated Gloves
  • (2) 7.4 Lithium-polymer batteries
  • (1) Charge with split duo charging

Built for Comfort

The BBH Holmes Heated Gloves are built with 3 concerns in mind, comfort, warmth, and durability. Its black nylon shell in combination with genuine goatskin leather padding on the fingers and palms helps create a durable glove that looks like an ordinary winter glove.

On the inside, there are 2 linings each with its own purpose. The first being the 3M™ C-70 THINSULATE lining which is a synthetic fiber that locks in body heat and heat produced while allowing moisture to escape. The other lining of this glove is a Hipora lining which maint purpose is to provide waterproof protection for your hands.

The tags in the retail box mention that if you pour hot water into the Hipora lining it will allow steam to exit the glove emphasizing its breathability, but will also not allow the water to seep out of it. While we didn't complete this test ourselves, this video provides good evidence of the Hipora linings capabilities.

Heating Settings

The split charger provides simple charging for the batteries and can fully charge them in roughly 4 1/2 hours. Once charged the minimalist battery can be plugged in and be used and stored discreetly in the waterproof pocket on the bottom of the wrists.

The heated zones of these gloves cover the back of the hand and around the fingers and offer 3 levels of heating:

  • High: 2.5 hours of runtime
  • Medium: 3.5 hours of runtime
  • Low: 6 hours of runtime

Table showing battery runtime on different heating settings for gloves

These figures vary based on several factors including, but not limited to the health of the battery, the temperature outside, and so on.


One thing to note about these gloves is that they do not have any safety standards such as cut, puncture, or impacts ratings. In general, the best use would be winter job sites where risk of hand injuries are slim to none. Additionally, these gloves can be used for general outdoor activities such as skating, shovelling the snow, or playing in the yard.

They are available in sizes Medium, Large, X-Large and we have limited stock available. As always, if you need help determining your glove needs or want to enquire about the BBH Holmes Heated Gloves, please do not hesitate to contact us.