Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench - Feature Friday 11

Welcome back to Feature Friday, MacMor's deep dive into the various products we carry (or those you request to hear about). This week we’re exploring the Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench, which is quickly becoming a must-have for you toolbox.


Built with adaptability in mind, its 3-length design allows users to effectively replace most of their pipe wrenches with just one. The Cheater Wrench offers a basic 10" standard wrench with handles that provide 18" and 24" of reach and leverage. The threaded detachable handles make it easy to switch out with minimal effort. This also means the tool and handles are easily storable in your tool bag.

One piece of feedback that has come back from some fans of this product is that it would be nice if it would be possible to thread the two handles together for even more leverage. Perhaps this will be possible in a Gen II version sometime in the future.

Besides the handle(s), this pipe wrench features an overbite jaw design for maximum grip and dual coil springs to ensure maximum durability and tool life. The Cheater Wrench is also tether-ready with durable handles on the extensions, which allows the user to keep the wrench on them and be ready for anything the job site has to throw at them.

Bare Tool

As previously mentioned, the tool itself has a length of 10" meaning it is best for applications that don’t require too much torque in areas where the ability to apply leverage is limited.

Small Handle

With the smaller of the two handles, the user gets about 18" of reach. The extra length allows the user to take advantage of the principle of work and energy, meaning that the further the force is applied from the desired pivoting point (jaw of the wrench) the less work is required to produce the torque needed to complete the job.

Image of Milwaukee Cheater Pip Wrench With 18' Handle
Pipe Wrench With 18' Handle (view enlarged image)

Large Handle

Similar to the 18" handle, the 24" handle further decreases the amount of effort required to produce the torque needed. With that said, another key benefit of this longer handle is to assist in completing tasks in a hard-to-reach areas. This could include working near steam pipes where you want to keep your hands away, in areas that may be out of reach, etc.

Image of Milwaukee Cheater Pip Wrench With 24' Handle
Pipe Wrench With 24' Handle (view enlarged image)

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The flexibility, durability and adaptability of the Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench make it an essential item for any toolbox. MacMor Industries is your one-stop-shop for all things Milwaukee Tools. If you or your crew are looking to get outfitted with power tools, hand tools, lighting, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out to your rep.