MSA V-Gard® Type 1 Class E Hard Hat

Welcome back to Feature Friday! This week we’re exploring the MSA V-Gard® Hard Hat. The V-Gard’s noteworthy “V” design distinguishes itself from the competition and emphasizes its comfort, quality, and durability.

Hard Hats, in conjunction with other PPE, play a critical role in the prevention of serious injuries. Therefore, it is important to ensure you and your crew are outfitted with the right gear.

Fas-Trac® III Suspension

The most prominent feature that sets the V-Gard® apart from the competition is MSA's Fas-Trac® III Suspension. This system provides increased comfort, airflow, and protection to allow the user to wear the helmet all-day.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Lower Nape Strap
    • The nape strap sits lower on the back of the head increasing the retention of the helmet. This means users can lean forward and not worry about the helmet falling off and leaving them vulnerable to hazards.
  2. Flush Suspension Tabs
    • The V-Gard’s flush suspension tabs takes the pressure off key parts of the head which mitigates the likelihood of experiencing compression headaches.
  3. Optimized Ratchet
    • Adjusts and holds securely with minimal effort. The “right-sized” ratchet is easily graspable, even while wearing thicker work gloves. Effortless and precise adjustment allows users of all shapes and sizes to have a comfortable, secure fit.
    • The Fas-Trac® ratchet is also fitted with a comfort pad on the inward-facing side which contours to the user's head, allowing it to sit snug without adding unnecessary pressure. Additionally, this pad provides spacing between the helmet and the back of the head which allows for increased airflow to the inside of the helmet.
  4. Self-Adjusting Crown Straps
    • Fas-Trac® III provides space between the user’s head and the shell to protect against shell displacement in the event of an impact to the top of the head.
MSA Fas-Trac® III suspension provides innovative comfort, breathability, and full customization for all shapes and sizes
MSA Fas-Trac® III 4-Point Ratchet Suspension for V-Gard® Helmets
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Even on the toughest job sites, the MSA V-Gard® Hard Hat provides industry-leading coverage from hazards of all kinds. The high-density polyethylene shell provides a light, durable solution to traditional head protection.

As a CSA Type 1 Class E Hard Hat, the V-Gard® helmet not only provides users with comfortable head protection, it also provides electrical hazard resistance up to 12,000 volts for up to 3 minutes, hence the class “E” rating. It is important, however, to pair the V-Gard® with appropriate ESD-safe clothing and tools to adequately protect workers against electrical hazards.

For more information on standards and proper care of your hard hat, check out our blog 10 Things You Need to Know About Hard Hats.

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