Safety and Industrial Services


Respirator Fit Testing

  • MacMor Industries uses a qualitative technique for respirator fit testing that works across all makes and models of respirators
  • Upon successful testing, a written report is provided to participants to be filed or documented by employer
  • Following our quality assurance program and manufactured in strict conformance to the ASME specifications and OSHA standards.
  • Note: Participants should ensure they are clean shaven before being tested as facial hair will prevent proper seal from their mask

Glove Audit

  • MacMor Industries offers on-site glove audits to ensure the proper gloves are being used for the application
  • This audit can be used to evaluate if the current gloves in use are appropriate or to identify an opportunity for better suited gloves
  • A glove evaluation form is provided for each style of glove being audited to ensure specific needs are assessed
Traffic safety vest and hard hat with option for custom branding

Corporate Branded Safety Equipment

  • MacMor Industries offers embroidery, silk-screening and embossment to personalize your personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • We use reliable third-party embroidery and silk-screening shops to facilitate this service
  • Note: Certain manufacturers offer custom branding services on select products at the time of purchase - please inquire with your MacMor sales rep for more information
Self-retracting lifeline

SRL Repair

  • MacMor Industries is an authorized Miller Fall Protection SRL service centre
  • We offer minor/major repairs and re-certifications (restrictions may apply)
Gas monitor

Gas Monitor Repair and Calibration

  • MacMor Industries is an authorized MSA gas monitor service centre
    • Warranty and non-warranty repairs available (restrictions may apply)
    • MSA calibrations supplied with calibration certificate
  • MacMor Industries is also an authorized BW Technologies gas monitor service centre
    • Warranty and non-warranty repairs available (restrictions may apply)
    • BW calibrations supplied with calibration certificate
First Aid Sign

First Aid Training

  • MacMor Industries offers a Level C first aid training course
  • Course is taught in accordance with Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health
  • Full day course with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 18 participants per session
Safety Services Manitoba logo

Safety Services Manitoba Partnership

  • MacMor Industries provides access to courses offered by Safety Services Manitoba (SSM)
  • Safety Services Manitoba is your trusted source for workplace safety training and consulting
  • Through MacMor, customers can book any of SSM’s Occupational Health and Safety courses, as well as Train-the-Trainer courses
  • Visit Safety Services Manitoba to view their list of available courses