Rigging Services

Wire Press

Manufacturing Division

  • MacMor Industries Ltd. Continues to lead in the manufacturing and distribution of certifies lifting slings in both standard and custom configurations
  • Stocked and ready to go – Wire rope, nylon web, polyester round and Grade 100 Chain Slings
  • Following our quality assurance program and manufactured in strict conformance to the ASME specifications and OSHA standards
  • We can assure our customers the highest quality products at market competitive pricing
  • Well over 150 years of experience in the rigging industry
Horizontal Proof Test Bed

Horizontal Proof Test Bed

  • With a 600,000 lbs. capacity 52ft length in our Edmonton facility and 350,000 lbs. capacity and 50ft length in out Winnipeg location, MacMor has proven that it is ready to take on challenges of the most demanding nature
  • Our Wire rope grips go from 3/8" to 1-3/4" providing additional benefit for those who need to test longer lengths of wire rope
  • Computer generated and annually inspected, our testing is done quickly, efficiently and with utmost care
  • Our goal is to return a fully inspected and safe-to-use piece of equipment to our customers
Wire Rope

Rigging Inspections/Repair and Certification

  • MacMor Industries offers in-house and on-site inspections
  • MacMor's qualified technicians can inspect, repair and certify your securing, lifting or rigging equipment and hardware
  • Once repairs are completed, we will supply full certification on your equipment to show it meets the required manufacture and industry standards via InfoChip – our 100% web-based asset tracking system that provides customers with the ability to easily access their current and past inspection certificates
  • Inspections and repairs for all rigging requirements ensure that your company is compliant with the latest government and industry lifting standards
TESSALink logo

MacMor Asset Management Software Powered by InfoChip

  • InfoChip's TESSALink solution is a digital platform that streamlines safety compliance, inspections and reporting
  • TESSALink leverages RFID, smartphone apps and the web to advise when assets require inspection
  • Schedules and provides advanced email notification of inspection
  • Scrap and reorder rigging through smartphone app
  • Access safety status, safe working criteria, inspection history and documentation
Sewing machine

Custom Sewing

  • MacMor has one of the largest stocking programs of pre-made lifting and securement products in Western Canada
  • We also offer custom sewing for your control assemblies and specialized synthetic lifting slings
  • Winch straps, ratchet straps, recovery straps, web slings and repairs
  • Capable of 1” to 4” Wide Cargo Assemblies and 1” to 12” Web Assemblies
  • Larger Webbing Available Upon Request