Southwire™ Prolight: The Ultimate Lighting Solution for most Job Sites

Welcome back to Feature Friday, the video and blog series where we discuss industry-relevant products, answer frequently asked questions, and examine various applicable safety standards.

This week, in consideration of the recent daylight savings adjustment, we’re exploring the topic of jobsite lighting by shining some light on Southwire’s ProLight™ Folding Tripod Work Light.

Perfect Light for Most Work Sites

The ProLight™ folding work light has many features that allow it to be a versatile lighting solution for jobsites of all kind. Inside the box, you will find the 30 Watt Folding Work Light, an adjustable tripod that extends up to 60” tall, and a couple power adapters (one for the wall, another for the car). The folding work light fastens to the tripod while maintaining the ability to tilt up and down as well as side-to-side so that the light can be fully adjusted according to the task at hand.

The work light on its own also works as a great on-the-go light, perfect for maintenance and confined space work. When used independently of the tripod, the briefcase-style outer case doubles as a stand to prop up the light, allowing the user to point the light in the desired direction. It can also be used as a handheld light thanks to the comfortable easy grip handle.

With regards to its durability, the ProLight™ folding work light is also IP65-rated which means it is dust tight and can withstand significant moisture exposure making it the perfect lighting solution for most industrial applications.

However, as is with most products that rely on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the work light will perform at its best in ambient temperatures, although its technical operating temperature is between -23˚C to 50˚C (-10˚F to 125˚F). Attempted use in extremely cold or hot temperatures can result in degradation of the battery cells resulting in slower charging and the inability to hold a proper charge, at which point the expected run times across the different power levels are no longer applicable.

All Day Lighting On-The-Go

Featuring a 5,000k lighting temperature (i.e. colour) the folding work light projects bright, clear lighting similar to daylight. This colour temperature is still soft on the eyes while providing a clear view without altering color perceptions.

Light temperature, measured in Kelvins (K), is a way of describing the color of light. The lower the temperature
Light Temperature Measured in Kelvin (K) (view enlarged image)

Three different levels of output ensure you have the perfect level of illumination for the task at hand:

    High: 3,000 lumens – 2.5 hours
    Medium: 1,500 lumens – 3 hours
    Low: 1,000 lumens – 8 hours

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