Garant is one of the largest Canadian manufacturers of high-quality tools for landscaping, gardening, construction, snow removal and more! Commitment to quality ensures that every tool is produced meticulously to meet the needs of even the toughest jobsite.

Making the Job Easier

Garant is a Canadian manufacturer that leverages research and development to create innovative tools and techniques that make hard work easier. They continually create products to simplify the toughest tasks with the goal of delivering better, faster results in record time.

Built by Canadians

Garant is powered by a team of 400 dedicated employees, who work tirelessly to manufacture, assemble, and distribute high quality products in garden centers, hardware stores, and home building outlets. They take pride in offering customers a wide range of options, all proudly marked with the seal “Made in Canada”.

Trusted by Professionals

With a strong presence in the Canadian market and an emphasis on quality, durability, and innovative features, Garant is trusted by professionals and homeowners alike to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce effort in every task.

Committed to Customers

Garant’s commitment to the market is based on the golden rule: treating others as they would like to be treated. They achieve this by offering prompt and professional customer service, supporting their products with warranties, and working diligently to create products that people genuinely want.