MSA is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of safety products that protect workers and facility infrastructure. The company’s innovative product lines are utilized by a broad range of industries including oil & gas, mining, construction, and emergency first-response.

Innovation and Change

MSA is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of its customers by investing countless hours designing, testing, and evaluating the next generation of safety products.

Research and development

MSA has continued to be on the forefront of innovation, manufacturing hundreds of safety products that push the boundaries to deliver the highest standards to workers worldwide.

Commitment to Quality

MSA stakes its reputation on manufacturing high quality safety products that allow workers to perform dangerous tasks to work in a secure environment.

Speed and Agility

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, operating with speed and agility is imperative for any business. MSA proactively anticipates and swiftly responds to evolving industry standards, legislation, as well as customers' needs.