RONCO is a distinguished manufacturer of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that started in 1996. Known for crafting affordable occupational safety products without compromising on comfort and performance , RONCO stands as an prominent figure in the global PPE landscape. Their commitment to workplace safety is not just a pledge; it's an assurance in their manufacturing standards, service, and innovation in the field.

On-Site Expertise

Local experts conduct thorough jobsite assessments, pinpointing workplace hazards and offering tailored PPE recommendations to address the unique needs of the site. RONCO is committed to effectively mitigating the risk of injuries for workers by observing risk exposures across Canada’s professional sectors.

Global Leaders of PPE

Known as a global leader in PPE manufacturing, RONCO carries a stellar reputation. Through its reliable distribution network, they ensure the seamless delivery of high-quality products to end-users that are committed to upholding safety standards.

Surpassing Yesterday, Defining Tomorrow

RONCO embodies a commitment to continuous improvement, surpassing yesterday's achievements rather than merely outshining competitors. They’re focused on understanding and meeting customer needs collaboratively with distributors, safety managers, and workers on the ground floor.

Safety First, Sustainability Second

RONCO prioritizes environmental sustainability in product innovation and corporate culture by actively reducing its environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials, harnessing green energy, minimizing packaging, and developing eco-friendly alternatives.