SureWerx – Your Trusted Partner in Workplace Safety and Productivity. As a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge safety products and tools, SureWerx is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing the well-being of the professional workforce. With a mission to provide the most innovative and rigorously tested solutions, they offer a comprehensive product portfolio that leverages 16 industry-leading brands.

Diverse Industry Solutions

SureWerx takes pride in serving a wide range of industries, addressing their unique needs. From the demanding world of welding, infrastructure and construction to the energy and natural resources sector, food production, transportation, and warehousing, their solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of diverse industries.

A Growing Portfolio of Excellence

SureWerx's commitment to excellence drives them to continually expand their portfolio of brands, aiming to meet the evolving needs of professionals. With 16 industry-leading brands at their disposal, including renowned names like Pioneer®, K1 Series®, Due North®, MEGAComfort, and JET, they are dedicated to bridging gaps in their product offerings.

Passion for Professional Safety

SureWerx has an unwavering dedication to the safety and productivity of professional workers. For over a century, they have been a trusted partner for professionals across North America.

A Legacy of Innovation

Established in 1957 as JET Equipment & Tools Ltd., their journey began with automotive tools. With over six decades of experience, SureWerx is known catering to the needs of professional workers across all industries while upholding a legacy of innovation that has made them who they are today.