ESP 113L Sorbent Spill Kits - Universal

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Product Description

  • Spill kit is stored in a wheeled bin with a hinged lid, providing high portability
  • Designed for situations where sorbents need to be quickly transported to spill sites
  • Bin features wheels made from durable rubber that are resistant to punctures
  • Bin allows for easy transportation of sorbents, ensuring quick response to spills
  • Kit Includes:
    • 40 x Pads size 16” x 18”
    • 4 x Pillows size 9" x 15"
    • 3 x Socks size 3” x 4’
    • 4 x Waste Bags with cable ties
    • 1 pair of Waterproof gloves
    • 1 pair of goggles

Product Specifications
Sorbent Class Universal
Manufacturer ESP Canada