MSA 8' V-EDGE™ Leading Edge Twin Cable Personal Fall Limiter

Item ID: MSA63162-00ACA
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Product Description

  • Designed for foot-level tie-off and sharp edge applications
  • Features stainless steel housing and protective cover for the energy absorber
  • Built to withstand some of the toughest elements
  • Aluminum rebar locking hooks on each lifeline
  • Patent pending locking pin attachment saves time and frustration when connecting to body harness
  • Reduce snag hazards with low-profile housing
  • 310 lbs. worker capacity
  • CSA Z259.2.2 approved - Class SRL-LE

Product Specifications
Length 8'
Lanyard End Connector Aluminum Locking Rebar Hooks
Unit Connector Locking Pin
Manufacturer MSA Safety