Macline EE2-901 2 Ply, Type 3 (Flat Eyes) Web Sling - 1" x 6'

Item ID: MACEE2-901T3X6OSE
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Product Description

  • Come with oversized, tapered and reinforced eyes for extra protection and longer life
  • Lightweight, pliable and easy to handle
  • Dyed webbing is more visible in many situations
  • Available with additional removable or situated wear protection over the body of the sling

Product Specifications
Size 1" x 6'
Web Sling Eyes Flat Eyes
Vertical WLL 90° (Lbs) 3,100
Choker WLL 90° (Lbs) 2,480
Basket WLL 90° (Lbs) 6,200
Manufacturer MacLine